About Me


I graduated from the University of Kent, Canterbury with a First Class degree in Law and Criminology in 2007 and was heading for a career in Law. Now not that there is anything wrong with the Law profession, but I knew that reading and writing contracts/agreements for the next 20 years just wouldn’t challenge me enough.

After joining Internet Business School in 2008 I was soon drawn into the world of SEO, the processes behind it and implications of getting it right.

I spent many evenings and weekends researching and expanding my knowledge, building my own affiliate websites, finding out what works and promoting other people’s products/services to test out these ideas.

As my knowledge on SEO has grown I have developed a real passion for it and I’m always striving to learn new aspects of SEO that I can implement and test and then teach others.

I think to be a highly successful SEO you have to have a real passion for it as the industry is constantly changing and evolving, and you need to be at the top to deliver the best advice and recommendations to clients.

I am currently a co-founder and Director at Reddico, a digital marketing agency in Tonbridge that specialises in SEO, PPC and CRO fortunate to be working with a growing team of young, talented smart people.


Previous Life

Director of Search


2013 – 2014 London


SEO Consultant


2011 – 2013 London

Ayima is unique in its marketplace, offering large organisations an alternative to an in-house SEO team. Whilst providing the services of a typical agency in terms of reporting and documentation, Ayima also spends time training and educating clients whilst also building bridges for cross-departmental collaboration. Effectively Ayima provides corporations with all the benefits of an in-house team, with the constantly updating knowledgebase of an agile marketing agency

Technology is an area that Ayima is most well-known for, utilising proprietary software and our own server farm to crawl the web and analyse entire verticals. Whilst other agencies rely on incomplete data from 3rd parties, Ayima has the ability to control and adapt the way in which it collates and analyses data, in-line with changes in the organic search space. Companies such as HitWise show people where SEO traffic is going to, Ayima can show companies the why and the how.

Head of Online Marketing

Internet Business School

2008 – 2011 (3 years)

The company:

• Provides online training for Internet marketing in the form of an online membership site
• Runs 3-day Internet marketing training courses bi-monthly for business owners who are looking to move their business online, and for entrepreneurs wanting to start an online business.

I joined the company in 2008 as an Internet Marketing Assistant. Before taking this role I was working for the computers games company Electronic Arts (EA), where I held a position in the European Legal Approvals team.

After 6 months at Internet Business School I was promoted to Department Manager and then Head of Online Marketing. My role required me to look after all the aspects of online marketing including:

• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Adwords, email marketing, social media and video promotion,
• Providing training and support to the business owners and entrepreneurs that undertake the training courses, and
• Build and manage teams of outsourcers

Furthermore, I was also responsible for the organising and running of the 3-day training events. During these events I conducted speaking sessions on both website design and SEO.